The Viper's Venom

A Superior High Sulfur Cutting Oil.

Specially formulated for:

Cutting all ferrous metals.





Viper's Venom works extremely well,

 when threading or reaming Stainless Steel rifle barrels,

Due to it's extreme lubricity and cooling properties.

$18.00/ Quart

We no longer offer the 8oz. bottle.

5 gallon pail $241.00 + shipping.


Please make your check or money order payable to:

Carol Pastor

37945 6th. Ave.

Gobles, Michigan 49055

There are no handling charges but UPS shipping charges will be applied


you will be notified of the total before shipping.

Please leave your phone number for contacting.



Chambering a Remington Action Video

This (2) DVD set shows (in detail) how to chamber a factory Remington action.

"If you can't chamber your own action after watching this video,

then you need to find another hobby."

This video was produced with the home hobbyist in mind.

Simple and easy to understand, step by step instructions.

$25.00 (Postage included)


One on One Chambering Classes.

Call for information and requirements.




The Viper's Double Edge

F Class Feet


These are the W I D E S T  "F Class" feet on the market.

{4" diameter}

They were designed after the moon lander pads.

You won't find a more stable platform anywhere.


Black Wrinkle finish.




Set of 3 feet $145.00 + shipping for Black Wrinkle finish.

Custom colors and or engraving will be quoted as per request.



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