Pricing for The Viper's Rest


The Standard Viper's Rest is $890.00.

(No Top Included)

We can customize your existing top to fit the Viper's Rest if desired.

Shipping and Packaging is extra depending on your location and will be quoted when you order your rest.

The Standard Viper's Top for a 3" wide stock is $137.00.

It comes complete with:

Stainless Steel Center Post and Heavy Duty Stop.

Large Custom Matching Knobs for the front corners of your rest are $44.00 each.

These are custom matched to your fine adjustment screw.

Custom set of F-Class Feet $145.00.

Phone Contact: 1-269-521-3671


Your Viper's Rest will cost you a whole lot less than the money you've already spent on:

Rests That Didn't Work!


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