The Base Plate



The Standard Base Plate is 1" thick aluminum.  We use a 7000 series, aircraft grade.  With this base, the Viper's Rest weighs in at 35 lbs.

You won't need sand bags to hold the back end, of your rest, down anymore!

Ten (10) shell holders are custom drilled and reamed on each side, to accommodate either right or left hand shooters.

The bottom of each hole is center drilled thru the plate to eliminate anything from falling in and obstructing your ammo from sitting perfectly upright.

The base plate has a wide (14") X (18") foot print, to insure a stable platform.

All knobs are installed with a custom mated brass fitting that goes thru the base.

The Brass fittings are held in place with a cupped set screw in the sides of the base.

All brass fittings can be easily removed for cleaning, polishing and lubrication.

The entire surface is custom powder coated.

Baked at 400 degrees for an hour then two coats of clear coat are applied.

Baked for another hour and then cured for the most resilient finish possible.


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