"F" Class Rest



We specialize in customizing "F" Class rests.

Custom powder coating.

Custom handles and knobs.

Custom tops.


Stability and precision adjustments.


We can rebuild your rest


Make only the modifications you desire.






Custom Viper F Class Rest

produced for:

Mr. Marc D' Aguanno


F Class Feet for The Viper's Rest


The Viper's Rest doesn't just work from the top of a bench.

You can't find a more stable platform to shoot from a prone position on the ground.

With the addition of our 4" diameter F Class Feet, only an earthquake can move your rest!


F Class Feet start with  solid aluminum round stock.

The point is absolutely concentric with the body of the foot.


Stability and Light Weight


These are the w i d e s t (4"diameter) and lightest F Class Feet on the market.



Gold Powder Coated or Custom Colored to accent your rest.




Black Wrinkle finish




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