Custom Heavy Gun Tops


During ten years of competing and observation in the Heavy Gun Division of the IBS,

 I can say from personal experience that,

 "If a Heavy Gun Won't Track, Then That Dog Won't Hunt!"


There is nothing worse than shooting your 65lb. heavy gun and getting clobbered by a 17 lb. light gun!

"Unless you're the one shooting the light gun."


The simple fact is:

"Windage Tops have moving parts."

They need to be taken apart, cleaned and greased or oiled because of dirt.

They ALL have:

Springs, Nylon Guides and Sliding Rails, all of which will come loose sooner or later.

Most Heavy Gun Competitors have a mechanical rear rest, with windage and elevation.

The only thing a front rest with windage gives you is,

 one more place for movement when you don't want it.


The Custom Viper's Heavy Gun Top

has no windage and nothing to clean, grease, come loose or wear.


It does have:

A 3/4" base plate as it's foundation.

Two side panels that put pressure on the sides of your stock to assist in straight tracking.

A bubble level, on the top, to help in your initial set up on the bench.

A rubber stop for the front of your stock for position repeatability.

Two solid, knurled brass knobs for tension on the bag ears.