Customizing Your Viper's Rest

Every shooter wants his or her rifle to be Unique, Custom, Special, Truly a One of a kind.

Your Viper's Rest can compliment your rifle in as custom a way as you can imagine.

Choose your own Weight, Foot Print of Base Plate or

That Unique Powder Coating.

Never Before as a Rest Been Offered That Can Be Totally Customized To Your Desires!

Pricing will be quoted individually for all custom orders.

"1957 Chevy"

This Custom Viper's Rest was produced for:

Mr. Dave Kiff

Owner of Pacific Tool and Gauge.

All knobs and handles have 1957 coinage inlaid on the top.

Crossed racing flags denote fuel injected.

1957 Belair and Lincoln Penny.

For the Man who has everything, he now has a Viper's Rest.

Nothing but X's Dave.


"The Gadsden Rest"

This Custom Viper's Rest was produced for:

Mr. Fred Bonakdar of Pennsylvania.

The Gadsden "Don't Tread On Me Snake"

Custom Brass rifle stop.

The Royal Asiatic Lion

Known for it's courage and strength.

This is an important symbol of ancient Persia.

Paying homage to Mr. Bonakdar's heritage.

"Fred, t waitingFred, there is a 2" group in this rest, just waiting for you at Williamsport. off this rest"

Good Luck, My Friend.


"The Hunters Rest"

This custom Viper's Rest was produced for my Nephew

David Stanton


Glendive, Montana

Stealthy black wrinkle finish with custom brass knobs.

David has two precious Labrador retrievers for ducks and geese.

Flying Canada goose.

David spends much of his hunting season in Canada, hunting only the finest

Canadian Beaver Pelt.


"The NeNe Bird Rest"

The NeNe bird is a wild goose that is indigenous to the islands of Hawaii.

This Custom Viper's Rest was lovingly produced for:

NeNe Bird Johnston of Henderson, Kentucky.

She is The First Lady of The Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group.

Inlaid into the side handles are ceramic portraits of the NeNe.

The base is candy apple red with metal flake.

The symbol of Honu is for good luck and wisdom.

Captured NeNe resting for the night.


"Our Lady of Peace"

This custom Viper's rest was commissioned


Mr. Ben Johnston


Henderson , Kentucky

Our Blessed Mother of France.

100 year Holy Anniversary medallion from France.

This medallion was minted and then blessed in the tomb of Jesus

with the permission of the Vatican.

"Holy Rosary medallions from around the world."

St. Michael slaying a dragon.  Notre Dame De Fatima.

Notre Dame De Quezag.  Notre Dame De Remonot.

Notre Dame De Malades.  Notre Dame De Vassiere.

Notre Dame De Valfleury.  Notre Dame De Afrique Priez Pour Novs.

Each one was minted for a different sacred place in the world.

"God and Country first"

Greek Crucifix in sterling silver.

Jesus with crown of thorns, inlaid in handle.

"May Our Lady look over you always Ben."


The Viper's "Don't Tread On Me" Rest.

Mr. Duane Hamiliton of Portland, Texas commissioned this custom rest.

The infamous rattle snake you don't want to tread on, in solid pewter.

Hawk spiral knurling for all brass handles and knobs.

Custom Brass rifle stop.

"The eyes of Texas are upon you Duane.

Shoot straight buddy.


The Viper's Saint Christopher Rest.

This Custom Make Over Rest was produced for,

Mr. Ben Johnston


Henderson, Kentucky

Hawk Spiral Knurling on all Brass.

"God and Country Flag"

Long Corner Pegs for F Class.

Saint Christopher Medallion.

Custom Mariner Wheel and Rifle Stop.


Custom Viper F Class Rest

This rest was produced for:

Mr. Richard A. Hodyl Jr. Esq.

Of Chicago, Illinois

Custom Brass Rifle Stop.

Custom Brass Mariner Wheel "8 Spokes"

"Lady Justice in all her glory."


"Thank You!"

Every year I pick one branch of the service to thank

for allowing me to sleep peacefully each night

and live a life most of the world can only dream of.

Thank You Sky Writers.


The Viper's F Class Rest

This rest is being presented to Mr. Robbie Payne

from Burleson, Texas.

"Robbie needs this rest , so he can accompany his elderly Father to matches."

Knobs and handles are made from solid stainless steel billet.

Custom Brass mariner wheel.

"Merry Christmas Robbie"

The Viper


The Viper's Lineman Rest.

This custom rest was produced for Mr. Will Melton.

Mr. Melton is a lineman for the county,

and he rides the main roads,

searching the lines for another overload.

He's from Florida NOT Kansas!!!!

This custom rest features 20 shell holders.

Spiral Knurling on all handles and knobs.

"Lineman-A Cut Above" emblem.

"Shoot nothing but X's Will."

The Lineman Rest at home.



This Custom Viper's Rest was crafted for,

Mr. Seth Laviolette of Oberlin, Louisianna.

"In Honor of Celeste"

This was a true honor to produce this rest for Seth.


"Tribute to the Old West"

This rest was produced for Mr. Nate Priefert


The Lone Star State.

When you think of Texas, you always think of The Texas Rangers.

The Pinkertons are the most famous detective agency from the Old West.

The Pony Express was the first really organized and fast mail service.

Just as they were in the Old West, Sheriffs and Marshalls are still

the most powerful local law officers.

Cattle were the bread and butter for the Old West.

The Western saddle still lives on today on ranches and in rodeos.

1890 Indian head penny representing Native Americans who live in the West.

Saloon token issued during the height of the saloon days,

leading up to our modern bars and restaurants.

These tokens were purchased by a patron, from the saloon manager,

who handled all the money for the owner.

In return for the token, the patron could get booze, tobacco and Ladies!!!

Without good horse shoes, nothing could have moved in the Old West.

Solid Brass fluted handles and knobs accent the rest.

24 kt. Gold Indian Head nickels are attached to each horizontal handle.

7 stepped faceted mariner wheel controls course elevation.

Merry Christmas Nate!

Don't let your wife see this rest!


"The Vatican Viper's Rest"

This rest was created for Dr. Mark Shehan of North Carolina.

The rest features all Stainless Steel handles and knobs,

turned and fluted from solid bars.

All 12 apostles are represented on the mariner wheel.

The Blessed Madonna adorns each horizontal knob and handle.

Three different interchangeable width tops were produced, to accommodate each of

the Good Drs. rifles.

Merry Christmas Good Dr.!

"Shoot nothing but X's"

Look what showed up under the Christmas Tree!!!!!!

Merry Christmas Good Doctor.


""The Lone Star Hunters Rest"

This custom Viper's rest was created for

Mr. Nate Priefert


Mount Pleasant, Texas

Custom hand painted wildlife pins from the artist Mr. Rassmussen.

Mr. Priefert travels the world in search of his game.

One day Nate will have taken every animal portrayed on this custom rest.

It may be his rifle, his bow or his pick up truck,

but he will get his game!


"The Buckeye Heavy Gun Rest"

Mr. Jeff Haner of Ohio will soon have a new Viper's Heavy Gun rest to play with.

The rest is accented with Auburn Blue Mariner Wheel and flat base feet.

Custom 9" wide Viper top will handle Jeff's 7" wide forend.

Customized Hart rear mechanical rest.

Jeff will shoot just as well this year as he did last year but,

He will look a whole lot better on the line.

"Every now and then, a stunning combination comes together"

This stunning stock was created by a true craftsman.

Mr. Joel Russo is one of the finest stock builders in the country.

His workmanship speaks for itself in the following photos.


"Rangers Lead The Way"

The following Viper's Ranger Rest was produced for:

Mr. Mike Boykin

of S.W. Mississippi.

Mike spent 20 years as a Ranger Qualified Infantryman.

Mike is also one of Mississippi's finest Custom Rifle Builders.

It has been my honor to produce this rest for Mike.


"Viper Samurai F Class Rest"

This Custom Rest was created for

Mr. David Jacobs of Missouri.

Mr. Jacobs is a direct descendent of a 2,000 year old Samurai warrior clan.

The Murakami Clan.

To honor his unique heritage, we engraved his family name into the corner knobs.

Pewter Samurai swords accent his side panels.

Mr. Jacobs now carries his target rifle instead of his Samurai Sword.

He just may be more dangerous now, on the firing line!


"A Grand Father's Gift"

Having never known my own Grand Father, I always wondered if he would have liked me.

Would he have spent time with me, showing and teaching me stuff?

Would he have been proud of me?

I am now 68 years of age and a Grand Father many times over, thanks to my prolific children.

My Grandson Tristan is now 12 years old and a straight A student, at least until he discovers girls.

 We have spent many days together catching frogs,

fishing and doing stuff together.  He helps me around The Lathe Cave assembling barrel vises and making things.

He is always searching for knowledge and I am so lucky to have him in my life.

Knowing that one day I won't be here for him, I wanted to give him something that he could remember our time together by.

Tristan fluting Stainless Steel on the Bridgeport

The look of Pride in a job well done!

Weighing in at 62 lbs.

1.5" Aluminum base and Stainless Steel handles and knobs.

Tristan will never have to wonder if I Loved him.

He will never have to wonder if I was Proud of him.

"Tristan is My Grandson"


"Pride of the South"

"The Stars and Bars"

This Custom Viper's Rest is being presented to :

Mr. Edward "Ned" Minton


His Father Billy "Bull" Minton

for his birthday.

This rest is a current, politically correct, representation honoring

the gallant men and women of The Confederacy.

General Robert E. Lee

General P.G.T. Beauregard

General James Longstreet

General Lee's "Old War Horse"

General Stonewall Jackson

The Antebellum Southern Ladies

The Confederate States of America

"Cross of Honor"

Confederate States of America uniform button

Texas State Seal

Genuine 161 year old Confederate $10.00 bill.

Pewter Civil War Cannon

This has been a true honor creating this rest for Mr. Minton.

Billy and Ned are both truly Southern Gentlemen.

Ned is one of the finest Southern Rifle Smiths in the country.

Edward Minton Custom Rifles

Palestine, Texas



Custom Viper's F Class Rest


Mr. Scott MacWilliams

Ontario, Canada.

Custom 8 spoke mariner wheel

"Bull Winkle at his finest"

Grizzly Bear during salmon run.

White Tail Deer

The Sacred White Buffalo.

Woodland Buffalo on main handles.

Mr. Mac Willams raises buffalo as a hobby.


Custom Viper's F Class Rest


The Viper

The following photos show the craftsmanship

 and attention to detail of two true artists.

Mr. Fred Harvey and Mrs. Tessa Harvey


Star Shooter Precision

Quebec, Canada


"Only The Shadow Knows When The Viper Will Strike."


Custom Viper's Bench Rest


Mr. Wayne La Belle of Punxsutawney, Pa.

This custom color is Auburn Metallic Blue.

Bench Rest only Wayne!!

Phil will be watching!!


"A Rose, is a Rose, is a Rose"

 Custom Viper's Rest


Mr. Richard Morehouse of Pennsylvania

Honoring his Wife "Rose" and his Mother,  who gracefully donated the rose jewelry for this project.

Prominently displayed are three real, hand carved, Ivory roses.

Gold covered Pewter roses adorn the knobs.


Custom Viper F Class Rest


Mr. Rod Vigstol of Fargo N. D.

Even with his new Viper's Rest

He won't stand a chance against his Daughters!!

But He Will Look Good!

"So Sayeth The Viper"


Very Custom Viper's Bench Rest


Lt. Colonel Bobby Payne ret.

of the Lone Star State!

Lt. Colonel Payne is a retired B-52 pilot with 18 years in some very thin air.

He is now going to be hitting his targets at sea level.

I personally am not a retired service member so,

This is My Salute to a very special officer.

Thank You Bobby,

You are my Sky Writer!


Custom Canadian Viper's Rest


Mr. Julien Bourgeois


on the left coast of Canada!!!!

"Black Bear"

Solid Pewter hand crafted figures by George G. Harris.

Provided by The Animal Den in Vancouver, WA.

"Polar Bear"

"White Tail Deer"

"Grizzly Bear"

"Big Horn Sheep"

"Howling Wolf"

"Bull Winkle"

"Canada Goose"

"You can always find Great Beaver in Canada"

Julien, Don't let Gary drool on your new rest!!!


Custom Viper's bench rest produced for:

Mr. Mike Wilson

 of The Fighting State of Georgia.

Mike won this rest at the 2014 World Open at Williamsport, Pa.

Not only is Mike a top 1,000 yd. marksman but

He's a motor cycle enthusiast and Georgia fisherman.

"Poker Run"

Antique Pewter Harley

The Flying HOG!!!


Custom Viper's F Class Rest


Mr. Ben Strader of Arizona


Custom Viper's Bench Rest


Wade and Shawn Shults, Meeker, Colorado

Owners of S.S. Rifles


Custom Rifle Stocks.


The Betsy Ross Flag

Candy Apple Red Metal Flake


Custom Viper's F Class Rest


Miss Sarah Vigstol of Fargo N.D.

Sarah just happens to love owls.


Custom Viper's F Class Rest


Miss Samantha Vigstol of Fargo N.D.

Samantha recently graduated from

  U.S. Airforce Basic Military Training, specializing in Geospatial Intell.

and is now serving this country.

Thank You Sam!!!!

"Yes, they are Sisters and their Dad Rod doesn't stand a chance of winning now!"

"So Sayeth The Viper"


Custom Viper's Bench Rest


Mr. Ray Hengst of California

This rest features large 2" diameter corner knobs for ease of setup.

Candy Apple red with metal flake.


Custom Viper F Class Rest


Mr. Vince "Stretch" Gollehon of North Carolina.

Mr. Gollehon is a Veteran "BubbleHead"

""That's Submarine Terminology for you land lubbers"

Mr. Gollehon's rating was a Submarine Sonar Technician (STS1SS)

"The Dolphin Insignia"

Designating Qualified Submarine Service.


The Sky Writers

Way back in 1958, a six year old boy looked up into the evening sky and saw four long lines in the sky.

His father had taken him to an air show, so he knew what the lines were.

The little boys father worked at a place called Republic Aviation on Long Island, N.Y.,

so he was very familiar with airplanes.

One day this little boy told his father about the sky writers he saw each day.

His father just thought he was imagining this event each day, reliving the sights at the last air show.

The little boy told his father that the sky writers come everyday.  His father told this pestering little boy

to let him know the next time they fly by.

That afternoon the sky writers appeared like clockwork and the little boy ran inside to get his father.

Running into the small backyard, the little boy pointed to the sky and said "There they are, just like I told you".

The little boys father picked him up and said he was sorry for not believing him.

Then the two of them sat on the edge of the sandbox and his father told him this short story.

"That's no ordinary sky writer.  That is the largest airplane in the world.

It flys all around the outside of the United States, 24 hours a day, protecting us from bad people.

It flys so high that you can't hear it fly over head.

It has four giant engines that make those four lines in the sky.

(It would be years later that I found out that it had 8 engines).

The plane is filled with soldiers that protect us, so you can sleep safely each night and

go to school and play each day.

Whenever you see those lines in the sky, wave to those soldiers and say Thank You"

I WAS THAT LITTLE BOY and the Sky Writer was and still is:

The B-52

The following project was inspired by one special day with My Father.

This is My Thank You to the men and women of the United States Air Force.


This Viper F-117 Stealth Rest

was created for:

S.F.S. Tracy Ross of Nebraska

Command Sgt. Maj. Ret.

"You won't see it coming, but you will know it's been there"

Once again the Craftsmen of The Arthur R. Warner Co.

in Latrobe, Pa. have produced a perfect base plate for this project.

Thank You Guys!

United States Air Force Ring

The Thunder Birds

Mr. Ross does double duty by serving as a Sheriffs Deputy for

Lancaster County, Nebraska

Custom Bag Block

I now live in the Midwest and I haven't seen a B-52 contrail in a very long time.

As an American, I can still go to sleep at night and work during the day with the knowledge that:

Some where in the sky above me fly men and women

allowing me to live free.

"May God Bless each and every one of them."


"Nothing Runs Like a DEERE"

Mr. David Furry of Indiana commissioned the special project below.

Over $900.00 worth of special emblems adorn this rest.

Employment anniversary pin denoting 10 years of service.

Note the single Emerald under John Deere's head.

The base is a Bald Eagle in Metalic Green.

20 year service pin inlaid into tensioning knob.

R.W. Hart rear mechanical rest conversion.

Custom flat base F Class feet with rubber bottoms for bench shooting.

20 and 30 year anniversary pins.

Finished Viper Custom front and rear rest.

I hope Mr. Deere would be proud.

I know Mr. Furry will be!


It's Schuetzen time again!!!

One of my favorite shooters,

Gerry "Dead Eye" Nordmann needed another rest.

Continuous Custom Ivy Engraving.


This Custom Viper's Rest was produced for:

Mr. Billy " BULL" Minton

of Palestine, Texas

The American Bald Eagle in solid pewter.

Go Texas Long Horns !!!!

Authentic 1950's Roy Rogers Longhorn Pin.

A place where the souls of true heroes still roam.


The following photos will show the daily updates that I send each shooter.

My shooters know exactly where, in production, their rest is everyday

until their custom Viper rest is completed.

Retire Marine Sgt. Richard Allen of The Fighting State of Alabama,

just got his computer but doesn't have email yet.

His daily updates will appear here each night for the next 20 odd days.

Base Plate completely machined and lining up center column for locking handle.

Top and bottom edges rounded.

Base Plate completely sanded to remove imperfections.

Base Plate powder coated with Dupont's Black Wrinkle finish.

Baked at 400 degrees for one hour for curing and durability.

Aluminum slug for Center Column.

Center column machined for Timken roller bearings.

Bottom machined for attachment bolts to base plate.

Tapping 3/8 x 16 hole for locking handle.

Prepped for powder coating.

Finished Center Column

Day 2 Update

Day 2 is mariner wheel and center column day.

Drilling and threading a 1.75 hole and threaded to 8 tpi.

Drilling and tapping mariner wheel handle holes.

Ready for anodizing.

Finished Mariner Wheel

Candy Apple Red with Metal Flake.

Gold anodized center column.

Bottom of Marine Wheel showing bearing race.

Day 3

Top Day

All parts machined and ready for prepping and powder coating.

Stainless Steel Center Post machined and tapped.

Custom Viper Top ready for brass tensioning knobs

and final assembly.

Day 4

Day 4-7 will be dedicated to foundry work.

The following photos will show you exactly why,

The brass used to craft The Viper's Rest will never be

left on the range again!

We start with donated or picked up range brass.

Three piece sand casting mold for brass round stock.

Mold packed and carving runners for molten brass.

Molded sand must be perfect in order for molten brass to flow properly.

Brass coming up to 1750 degrees.

Molten brass poured and cooling in the mold.

Breaking mold open.

Breaking sand from Brass casting and second mold ready to pour.

Casting turned on the lathe to uniform size.

The above process will continue for the next three days.

Once the foundry is started, I will cast all the available brass.

Next Update on Monday night.

Day 8

This will be a short update due to the fact that I pulled a 26 hour shift.

Two lathes have been running all night.

Tapping knobs for Stainless Steel threaded posts.

No pressed fits.

Bottom of knob completely machined.

All brass has now been mostly machined.

Tomorrow is polishing day.

Day 9

All brass is cleaned in a 5 gallon commercial sonic cleaner after the first polishing

After second polishing is finished,

Brass is ready for final machining for insignias.

Clear coat has been applied to prevent corrosion.

The curing process takes 72 hours.

Corner Post locking rings ready for clear coating.

Locking ring clear coated and curing.

Friday will be the next update due to the curing process for the clear coating.

Day 11

Final Assembly

Curing went faster with heat and dehumidifier.

Timken roller bearing lubrication.

Top bearing race installed.

Mariner wheel assembly installed.

Viper top installed.

Heavy Duty rubber stop installed.

Brass Corner fixture installed with

2 1/4 x 20 hardened set screws.

Fine adjustment screw lubricated and installed.

Locking handles and Rest knobs installed.

No Marine would be without his K-Bar!

Cordura bag and precision ground bag block.

I am awaiting one more insignia for total completion.

It has been my privilege to craft this rest for

Sgt. Richard Allen Ret.

Final Update

Sgt. Allen's custom Viper's Rest is now complete.

Marine Corp Bull Dog.

Fleet Marine Force insignia.


Custom Monster Viper Bench Rest


Heidi Chambers of Nebraska

"Long Range Pheasant Hunter"


Custom F Class Feet for

Mr. Joe Chambers of Nebraska

Royal Auburn Blue with Metal  Flake.

These Viper Double Edge F Class Feet

were designed for shooting on concrete.


Custom "Lipan Apache" Mechanical Rear Rest


Mr. Pete Pompa

The American Bald Eagle

The Sacred White Buffalo

The Western Stag

All Three Species of The American Wolf

The Black Wolf

The White Wolf

The Gray Wolf

The Detail of these carvings is simply amazing!


It's Schutzen Time!!!

Over a year in the making!

This Schutzen rest has been produced and customized,


Mr. Gerry Nordman

Once again the craftsmen at The Arthur R. Warner Co. of Latrobe, Pa.

have out done themselves.

The Art Work was done by Mr. Shane Rudy

The Custom Engraving by Mr. Christopher Dominick

Mr. Clint Rudy added his valuable talents to this project

during the engraving process.

Custom continuous Ivy vine around entire base plate.

The Good Luck Schutzen Girl

Mottled Tan representing the ground


Deep Forest Green representing the trees


The Bavarian Forest.

Special Customized buttons produced for this rest.


The War Eagle's Nest (Rest)

Down South in the fighting state of Alabama resides:

The War Eagle

Built by Mr. Bill Shehane

This customized Viper's Rest was designed with the help of Mrs. Sherry Gray.

This is Mr. Dennis Grays anniversary present !!!

Happy Anniversary Dennis.

Go Auburn University Tigers !!!!!

Custom Auburn University emblems.


Custom Canadian F Class Rest


Mr. Bruce Condie of Kincardine, Ontario

Bruce is a member of the Canadian F Open National Team.

There's nothing like the sound of a Loon at sunrise on the range.

Canada "The Home of Bullwinkle"

Custom 8 spoke mariner wheel

Only white inspection gloves for a rest this pretty

Nothing says "Canada" like a great Beaver!!!!

Custom Candy Apple Metalic powder coating.

From Hudson Bay, we have the Polar Bear.

The tenacious Badger.

One more Beaver Shot!!


Custom Metalic Silver Viper's F Class Rest

for a future

Canadian Champion

Mr. Aaron Skewes


Custom Viper corner posts and

F Class Feet in Candy Apple metalic


Custom Stainless Steel Viper's Rest

This Custom rest is powder coated with

Dupont Black Wrinkle finish.


The Viper's

"G - Man" Custom Rest

Crafted for Mr. Richard Stryker

Once again the craftsmen "Tool Makers" of The Arthur R. Warner Co. , in Latrobe, Pa.

Designed a custom base plate never seen before.

A special Thank You to Mike Warner, Shane and Chris for a work of art.

The Base Plate measures 28x20 and weighs approx. 50 lbs.

This is my Mona Lisa

No "G Man" rest would be complete without the famous Thomson Sub Machine Gun, in solid pewter.


Custom Monster Viper "Lipan Apache" 1,000 Yd. Rest

Crafted for Mr. Pete Pompa

This rest weighs in at exactly 90 lbs.

Corner knobs feature custom carved American Eagles



These knobs are 2.50" in diameter.

Each carving depicts a special animal that has great spiritual power

for Native Americans.

TThe Sacred White Buffalo

and the

Bald Eagle.

The Famed American Indian Pony.

The Wiley Fox


Custom Viper's F Class Rest


Master Gunnery Sgt. Roland Smith


The Viper's Custom Vulcan Rest

190 lbs. of Sheer Terror!

The Viper's Vulcan Rest is a one of a kind and will never be reproduced.

"So Promises Da' Viper"

Only Stainless Steel and machine steel was used.

All knobs and handles fluted.

Corner Fixture

17 lb. Mariner Wheel

Timken Roller Bearing.

All knobs and handles turned from solid round stock.

Completed Viper's Vulcan Rest


Bada Boom-Bada Bing

Tony Soprano would be proud to shoot someone off of this rest.


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