Shooters Currently Using The Viper's Rest

Every now and then, some thing comes along that actually helps a shooter use his or her skill.

For some, shooters it was the invention of bigger targets!

For some, it was catching a Leprechaun!

For some it was finally getting those glasses that our wives told us we needed!

The following shooters certainly haven't been hurt using

The Viper's Rest!

Mr. Jake Warner of Latrobe, Pa.

8 years old

Future IBS champion.

Jake owns a custom Viper's Monster Stealth Rest.

Mr. Lee Fischer of Wisconsin.

IBS Two Time rookie of the year.

IBS 1,000 yd. National Champion (6 Times!)

Iowa State Champion

and holder of too many club records to mention.

(because it hurts too much!)

(4.068" 10 shot heavy gun)

Mr.  Tim North of North Manufacturing


Broughton Rifle Barrels.

Tim is the only shooter to drop his rest and prove it still works!

He now owns a monster rest also.

(3.64"-50 score)

Mr. Bobby Payne of Burleson, Texas

Mr. Robbie Payne of Burleson,  Texas

Mr. Duane Hamilton of Portland, Texas

Mr. David Stanton of Montana

Mr. Fred Bonakdar of Pennsylvania

Mrs. Ne Ne Bird Johnston of Henderson, Kentucky

Mr. Ben Johnston of Henderson, Kentucky

Ben owns (3) Viper Rests.

Mr. Bob Sebold of Wis.

Three time Long Range and

Five time mid range state champ.

Bob holds two national records.

Miss Samantha Vigstol, Fargo, N.D.

Miss Sarah Vigstol, Fargo, N.D.

Mr. Ray Hengst, California

Dr. Robert Gomez

Mr. Bud Williams, Williamsport, Pa.

Mr. Billy "Bull" Minton of The Lone Star State

Mr. Edward "Ned" Minton of The Lone Star State

Sgt. Richard Allen U.S.M.C. of Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Mr. Ted Morgan of Williamsport, Pa.

Mr. Jack "Dead Eye" Deppen of Williamsport, Pa.

Mr. Mike Kellman of California

Mike owns the only

Viper Vulcan rest in the world,

weighing in at 190 lbs.

Mr. Randy Beasley of Missouri

Randy went from not being able to break 15" at 1,000 yds.


shooting 8" on his first relay with his rest!

On July 16, 2005 Randy shot a 5" group in Iowa!

Mr. Truman Beasley of Missouri

2009 IBS Junior Shooter of the Year!

Mr. Richard Stryker, Va.

Other Top Shooters Now using The Viper's Rest

Mr. Norm Barber of Ontario, Canada

Master Gunnery Sgt. Roland Smith, Alabama

Command Sgt. Maj. Tracy Ross

530th. Military Police BN.

Omaha, Nebraska.

Jeff Ryan, NY.

Corey DeLong, Florida

Mr. Norbert Yakey of New York

Mr. Jeff "Linberg" Tompkins of Michigan

Mr. Bob Cauterucio of South San Francisco

Mr. Rod Vigstol "NODAK" Fargo, N.D.

Mr. Jefferson Wardlow, Alberta, Canada

Mr. Austin Ward, California

Mr. Aaron Skewes, Ontario, Canada

Mr. Bruce Condie, Ontario, Canada

Mr. Norbert Yakey, New York

Mr. Des Parr, Scotland

Mr. Paul Crosbie, Scotland

MGST Roland Smith, Alabama

Mr. Mike "Dead Eye" Warner, Latrobe, Pa.

Mr. Bob Turner of some place down South

Mr. Gerry Nordmann, Indiana

Owns (2) Monster Rests.

Mr. Ed Nazy, Indiana

IBS 1,000 yd. National Champion (2 Times!)

2009 World Open Williamsport, Pa.

Perfect score of 100 with a 4" group!

Lonnie Hummel (Hornaday Bullets)

Mr. Rick Piccaretta of Williamsport, Pa.

Chip and Mellissa Wagner, Williamsport, Pa.

Bob Rosen, Virginia

Mr. Fred Matulka, Lincoln, Nebraska

Mr. Trevor Hughes, Missassaga, Ontario, Canada

(Trevor owns (7) Monster Rests)

Mr. wild Bill Meuser of Missouri

Mr. Gary Lee of Pennsylvania

Mr. Dennis Gray, Alabama

Mr. Pete Pompa, New York

Jim Stewart, Plainwell, Michigan

Mr. Ken Ramp, New Jersey

Mr. Steve Spiece, Pennsylvania

Mr. Bob Brudd, Chicago

Mr. Edwin Fortner, North Carolina

Mr. Vinny "Bandana" Lijoi of Long Island, N.Y.

Mr. Rich Macholz (Sierra Bullets)

Mr. Waverly Mcneill, N.C.

Mr. Matt Bonnett, Iowa Gunsmith

Mr. Randy bonnett, Iowa gunsmith

Mr. Marc D' Aguanno of Brownells in Montezuma, Iowa

Mr. Dave Clark, Iowa

Mr. Barry O'Connor or Kalispell, Montana

Mr. Corey DeLong, Florida

Mr. Stephen George, Sanford, Florida

Mr. Gene Ford of "The Show Me State"

Iowa State Champion

Light and Heavy Gun (2004 & 2006 respectively)

Mr. Brian Mc Daniels, Kenton, Oklahoma

Black Mesa Rifle Company

Mr. Fred Sershen, Minnesota

Mr. Fred Nadeau, Washinton

Anita and Roger Paulsen, South Dakota

(6.844" and 4.2" June 2006)

Winner of the Viper's Rest at the IBS Nationals 2005

"Half of the top 10 Grand Champion places at the Iowa State Match used

The Viper's Rest"

Mr. Crazy Ed Nazy from the shooting state of Indiana won,



with a two day agg. of 5.815 "

"That's 20 shots, at 1,000 yds., in under 6"

and some old guy who held the Iowa club light gun group record of 2.626"

NO The Viper's Rest won't set records or win matches because you shoot off it.

I Just Guarantee you that,


What's in a Name?

Most shooters name their rifles in an attempt to endear it to them,

 so it shoots well.

Davy Crockett had Old Betsy.

Mine is named Viper,

Hence the name of the Rest.

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